Missing receipts from a large purchase on the tax payers dime go unanswered by Eddy Morales.

Every city council member who uses the council card for purchases relating to work must submit receipts to prove that the purchase was related to the execution of duties of the office.

Morales took lots of coffee breaks and lunches, a weekly treat for himself on the taxpayers’ dime. But what is concerning is a large purchase in July of $417 for what appears to be dinner and drinks at a restaurant in Portland’s tony pearl district.

A dinner and restaurant most people who live in Gresham can’t afford. The average dish costs about $20-$30.

A meal that he has produced no receipt for. Why? All the other meals included receipts? Our guess is that illegal drinks were involved. It is illegal to purchase alcohol or cigarettes with taxpayer money.

Eddy also purchased a stack of racist books at the taxpayer’s expense. Did he hand them out to other council members? Give them as gifts to supporters?

This appears to be another abuse of power by Morales, as is his pattern of behavior.