East County Rising Founder, Eddy Morales Assaults then Intimidates Young Woman

Eddy Morales, Founder of East County Rising, received charges for Assault (of a female) and Criminal Mischief surrounding a drunken college brawl. Although the incident was several years ago, it exposes a pattern of abuse from leaders of East County Rising against women, as well as a pattern of substance abuse.

The report claims Morales drug a female by her leg for 20 feet, leaving a bruise approximately 8 inches long still visible to investigators 20 days after the incident.

Given the inconsistent and “rehearsed” statements by Morales and his cohorts, police charged him with assault and criminal mischief.

Eddy Morales was then student body president of UO and hired a private investigator to follow and intimidate the victim, her friends and room mate until she dropped the charges out of stress. She never changed her story nor denied the event happened, but dropped the charges to end the harassment.

Can you imagine being a young college girl, who has the President of the ASUO assault then intimidate you in such a public way?

This kind of abuse of power was instilled early on in Eddy Morales. He learned you can frighten women you abuse into dropping charges. So much for #metoo

Men like Eddy Morales are what is wrong with our society and leadership. There are much better people in East Multnomah county, people who don’t hurt women, abuse substances, nor abuse power. It’s time to demand resignation and replace with someone who actually cares about others.

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