Restraining Order Filed Against ECR Endorsed Diego Hernandez

In March of 2020 Willamette Week posted an article about a restraining order filed against Oregon State Representative Diego Hernandez by his former girlfriend who is chair of the David Douglas School Board and a former 2018 Portland City Council candidate.

You know it has to be bad when a political partisan is willing to file against another party member for such a heinous abuse crime.

The restraining order was filed against Oregon State Rep Diego Hernandez for repeatedly abusing the victim usually in a drunken or drugged rage.

Even NARAL Pro Choice Oregon withdrew their endorsement of Hernandez.

But corrupt organization, East County Rising did not. They are still fully endorsing Hernandez.

According to an article posted to KGW.Com: “in court documents, the victim, Valderrama, wrote that while they were living together between January and April 2019, Hernandez was prone to violent outbursts, including throwing things at her while under the influence. She said that he usually mixed “alcohol, narcotic pills and marijuana.”

During one incident, Valderrama said “he was menacing and visibly threatening, throwing things, and I was paralyzed with fear and thought that he’d hit me if I moved.”

In another incident, Valderrama said Hernandez told her he could not control his behavior when drunk, and he was concerned that her daughter would “be on the receiving end of his violent behavior.”

“I filed this restraining order because I feared for my and my daughter’s safety,” Valderrama told KGW.

Valderrama has now requested a dismissal for the order after what she calls “intimidation tactics” from Hernandez, and said she stands by her accusations.

“We were working towards a settlement to find a resolution, however, he demanded that settlement include a non-disclosure agreement, sealing of the case file, and that I pay all his legal fees,” Valderrama said. “I rejected these demands and filed the dismissal not because the abuse didn’t occur, but because I chose not to be silent about it, despite threats to my credibility and financial stability.”

So both Morales and Hernandez, leaders of East County Rising INTIMIDATED THE WOMEN THEY ABUSED into dropping charges against them. This is the kind of abuse the #metoo movement is trying to end.

It’s time to fire men like this from office and replace with citizens who actually care about women.

Full article on the abuse allegations in Willamette Week here