These candidates are endorsed by East County Rising and have not condemned the outrageous and illegal activity of it’s founder and other key members.

It’s time to stand up for what is right. The choice it yours, elect candidates who care about our community, or elect people who either stand with or have repeated histories of lying, evading, abusing and using.


We recommend you avoid voting for:

Eddy Morales: running for Gresham Mayor (barely won election by 50 votes in a contested race that later found voter fraud involved)

David Dyk: running for Gresham City Council, early supporter and close friend of Morales

Chris Gorsek: Oregon Senate District 25

Diego Hernandez: Oregon House District 27

Ricki Ruiz: Oregon House District 50

Janelle Bynum: Oregon House District 51

Anna Williams: Oregon House District 52

Mike Schmidt: Multnomah County DA

Jessica Vega Pederson: Multnomah County Commissioner District 3

Lori Stegmann: Multnomah County Commissioner District 4

Cameron Whitten: Metro Councilor District 5