Diego Hernandez, State Representative for District 47 in Oregon, now has 7 accusers, corroborating a pattern of abuse from the Democrat legislator.

Hernandez touts his support for the “needs of the most marginalized” has instead seemingly proven that he in fact has a pattern of abusing the most marginalized.

In an article by KGW, he claims the accusations are politically motivated to remove him from office. However, the accusers are also members of his Democrat party, and have no political motive to remove him.

For partisans, especially Democrats to accuse their own party member is rare, but as we see in the Joe Biden case, not unheard of. Biden’s accuser is also a card carrying Democrat and has no political motive.

His accusers have voiced fear of retaliation from Hernandez which could mean he is much more violent than initially thought.

According to KGW: “Multiple lawmakers are calling for Rep. Hernandez to resign, including House Speaker Tina Kotek (D-Portland).

“I am deeply concerned that members of the broader Capitol community feel unsafe or subject to retaliation by Rep. Hernandez,” she wrote in a statement. “I want those individuals to know they did the right thing by coming forward, and I am grateful to the House Conduct Committee for taking swift action to impose the measures they deemed necessary to address immediate safety concerns.

“I supported Rep. Hernandez’s announcement last month that he would be taking a leave of absence from his duties to seek guidance and focus on his physical and emotional health, and removed his committee assignments to facilitate that leave. The House Conduct Committee’s action today is a very serious development. I believe Rep. Hernandez should resign from the Legislature and focus completely on getting the support he needs.”

Sen. Sara Gelser (D-Corvallis) said she has heard directly from two of his accusers, and also called for Rep. Hernandez’s resignation in a statement on Twitter.

According to an article on Oregon Live, “The interim House Conduct Committee met Monday to discuss the investigation and decided to implement safety measures against Hernandez, including a requirement that he provide 24-hours’ notice before entering the Capitol. Lawmakers also ordered no contact between Hernandez and the people who reported him.”

The Willamette Week noted “The Oregon House Special Committee on Conduct today disclosed for the first time that Hernandez is under investigation for harassing seven women. It ordered Hernandez to have no contact with any women participating in the investigation. (The women were similarly ordered to have no contact with Hernandez.)”

Whatever the outcome, East County Rising and it’s supporters have a real problem, Diego Hernandez and Eddy Morales, have been touted as the founders of the organization. It does not bode well for the company they are keeping.